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Gary is a vocal and passionate advocate for the quality of life and livability we enjoy here in Kalama. I have personally known Gary for four years and find him to be a strong and brave individual who will fight for what he believes in. There is no doubt in my mind that Gary will work tirelessly to protect our air, water, and environment in order to pass a lasting, healthy legacy along to future generations. We have an opportunity to make a positive change for our rivers, Kalama, and the health of all of its residents with a vote for Gary Wallace for Port Commissioner. ~John Flynn, Kalama resident

Gary Wallace would make a great Port Commissioner for Kalama. Gary has lived in Kalama for most of his life and is very active in what’s going on. Gary is very much in favor of keeping our environment clean: land, air, and water. A vote for Gary would be a vote for the environment. We have to do our best to mitigate all the 'bad' stuff that they keep trying to bring into our towns if we want “quality of place”; to encourage tourism and just nice people to live here. ~Gloria Sanders, former Kalama resident and Amalak member

The current port commissioners are pushing a massive Chinese government-owned fracked-gas refinery that forces a new pipeline right through our neighbors' private property taking their land by eminent domain. Gary Wallace knows fossil-fuels need to stay in the ground. He has creative ideas to move us forward and the leadership skills to accomplish them. He has always been a straight shooter. Want to see clean jobs come to our port? Support Wallace for Port. ~Mark, longterm resident, Green Mountain Road

My long-time friend and neighbour Gary Wallace has consistently proved his reliability and enthusiasm to work for the greater good of our community. He has a well-developed plan to turn the wetlands north of downtown into an educational wildlife-viewing park that protects the habitat of native plants and animals while enhancing our town's natural beauty. I'm all in! As I'm about to turn 18, I'm proud that my first ever vote cast will be for Wallace for Port Commissioner. ~Cambria Keely, lifelong Kalama resident

The Kalama NoMethanol360 is a group of concerned neighbors and climate activists working to stop the world's largest fracked-gas to methanol refinery and export terminal from being built along the Columbia River.
Gary Wallace has worked passionately and tirelessly throughout his decades living and working in Cowlitz County to enhance the natural beauty of our unique area. Having worked closely with him for years we know Gary to be outspoken in his concern for protecting our waterways. As Port Commissioner he would think outside the box to bring non-fossil fuel based light industry and commercial endeavors to Kalama while improving our quality of life and being a positive driving force for tourism and recreational opportunities. Young families, older retired folk, and everyone in between will benefit as we Ride the Wave for Change with Gary Wallace as our Port Commissioner from District 2. We wholehearted endorse Wallace for Port!


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